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324,99 EUR*
Details Soil-Science-Management

Gain a practical understanding of soil properties and the soil management techniques most important for the effective use of soils with SOIL SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT, 6E. This non-technical, reader- friendly book details all aspects of effective soil ...

17,20 EUR*
Details Soils-and-Soil-Fertility-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Soils and Soil FertilityThe business of the farmer is to produce the various food materials and those from which clothing is made. These materials are of both animal and vegetable origin; but since all agricultural animals must depend on ...

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Details soil-tooth-brush-stand-white-japan-import-by-soil

Import Japan Packungsgröße: 16.1x8.71x8.61 cm Gewicht: 376.49 g

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Details Soil-Tillage-Moldboard-Type-Tools-With-Information-on-Farm-Machinery-Used-for-Soil-Tillage

This book contains a detailed treatise on soil tillage, with particular focus on moldboard type tools and machinery used for soil tillage. This text concentrates on the more scientific side of soil tillage, and contains a wealth of formulae, graphs ...

41,92 EUR*
Details Tropica-Aquarium-Soil-9-Liter

Tropica Aquarium Soil gewährleistet von Anfang an ein gutes und aktives Wachstum Deiner Wasserpflanzen und wirkt sich besonders förderlich auf die Entwicklung rötlicher Farbnuancen bei den Pflanzen aus. Aquarium Soil von Tropica ist ein Soil ...

13,72 EUR*
Details Fertilizer-Soil-Nutrition-BCuzz-AB-2x1L

Atami B'Cuzz SOIL A+B: a (young) plant requires important fertilizers. In that respect, our Soil Nutrient A&B still form the base for fine growing results on soil and/or (potting) compost. Product Description Atami B'Cuzz SOIL A+B is a ...

7,31 EUR*
Details Rapitest-Soil-Tester

Luster Leaf's Rapitest soil tester lets you quickly and simply test the soil of your garden for pH, nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash. This kit includes instructions that allow you successfully test your soil with no prior experience. Kit also includes ...